Thursday, May 19, 2011

Public Intellectuals in Asia

To create a close, personal, and professional network of "public intellectuals" in Asia, the Japan Foundation and the International House of Japan (I-House) have jointly been conducting the Asian Leadership Fellow Program since 1996. Up till now, approximately 88 fellows from 16 Asian countries have participated in this program.

Each year, public intellectuals from Asia who have deep roots in civil society and who play a leading role in initiating solidarity among concerned people reside at the I-House for about two months and intensively discuss regional and global concerns through dialogue, seminars, field research, and socializing. By offering the opportunity of living together, ALFP seeks to foster lasting friendships and trust among intellectual leaders in Asia.

 This year, under the broad theme of "Asia in Dialogue: Visions and Actions for a Humane Society," fellows will discuss how different values can coexist and how a community with a sense of solidarity can be realized.

The Public Intellectuals are the following;

Imtiaz Gul (Pakistan) M
Executive Director, Center for Research and Security Studies
area of specialty: security, militancy, FATA, Afghanistan, governance, and democracy

Miryam S.V. Nainggolan (Indonesia) F
Chair of Board of Directors, Pulih Foundation
area of specialty: industrial and organizational psychology, conflict resolution and peace building

Jehan Gregory Ignatius Perera (Sri Lanka) M
Executive Director, National Peace Council of Sri Lanka
area of specialty: peace activism and conflict resolution

Elmer Velasco Sayre (Philippines) M
In-house Adviser, Water, Agroforestry, Nutrition and Development Foundation
area of specialty: community development

Huong Thanh Vuong (Vietnam) F
Senior Researcher/ Director of Center for Education Information, Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences
area of specialty: education management, education for rural and disadvantage areas, and capacity building

Yali Zhang (China) F
Political Science Assistant, Department of Political Affairs, The United Nations
area of specialty: political science, conflict resolution

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