Friday, April 22, 2011

Human-Waste Biochar Powered Garden

This is to feature my garden measuring 1,500 square meters located in Libertad Municipality. The garden is fully powered with treated human waste (vermi-compost) and urine. Urine is not treated and applied immediately as it is considered sterile and safe by WHO standard. Charcoal and other organic material is plowed to the soil directly. Note the urine-filled containers in the first picture and the double-vault ecosan toilet in the 4th picture. This garden is 100 percent organic and does not use chemical fertilizer and pesticides at all. Crops are mixed so as to minimize disease and pest infestation (note: pest of disease of a family of plants is different from another). My garden supplies products to our small restaurant located in-front of Initao town hall as well as it supplies fresh, nutritious products to neighbors. The income helps send 3 working students who tend the plants to college. The garden also serves as demo to neighbors willing to learn about terra-preta sanitation biochar (tps-b) techniques...


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